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 ^Armor^SM 3 USL^ SM 3 SL^SM 2 USL^ SM 2 SL^ ^Armor^SM 3 USL^ SM 3 SL^SM 2 USL^ SM 2 SL^
-|Light Alloy Armor|1|0|0|0| +|Light Alloy Armor|1|0.7|0.7|0.5
-|Metallic Laminate Armor|1|1|1|0| +|Metallic Laminate Armor|1.5|1|1|0.7
-|Advanced Metallic Laminate Armor|2|1|1|0|+|Advanced Metallic Laminate Armor|2|1|1|0.7|
 |Nanocomposite Armor|3|2|2|1| |Nanocomposite Armor|3|2|2|1|
 |Diamondoid Armor|5|3|3|2| |Diamondoid Armor|5|3|3|2|
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