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This section is a bunch of house rules aimed at explaining things that are unclear/seem wrong in spaceships.

External clamp

(ss:15) Is very vague on details. So it seems is that an external clamp can hold the mass of the ship with the clamp at any acceleration expected of the given Tech level. It is even then way too massive. So for my games I use smaller clamps as follows:

-1 Boarding clamp.Allow holding the ship to any other ship even if both ships use full thrust violently in different directions after the grappling
-2Docking ClampAllow holding the ship to any other ship in normal maneuvers.
-3Low thrust clampAllow holding the ship to any other ship in low G maneuvers. Up to 0.1g
-2Sub craft clampsAllow carrying own tonnage of sub craft in external clamps. Divide the clamp to the tonnages of the craft carried, each subcraft can be maximally 1/10th total. To carry less, get a smaller clamp.

See system size section for effects of smaller systems.

Example: a SM 9(3000 ton) multipurpose patrol cruiser could have following clamps: a SM 8 Boarding clamp, allowing it to grabble and hold on to any other ship. A SM 5 sub craft clamp with a total capacity of 1000 tons, divided into 10 30-ton clamps for externally carried fighters, 2 300 ton shuttle clamps for externally carried assault shuttles and 10 10-ton clamps for externally carried combat drones.

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