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New Systems

These are new optional systems you can add to the spacecraft.

Maneuver thrusters

In some settings some craft are very nimble compared to other craft. Such craft can buy the maneuver thruster system. Select a reaction and reactionless drive you wish to use as thruster in your setting. The drive is instead a huge number of small drives spread all around. The cost, workspaces, energy use and such are as for the normal drive. Typically the system is built on a high thrhust/low endurance basis, but do not necessary have to have tanks as the use is so short term. You can for example assume that the system includes a 1/10 normal sized tank in the base module. Decide on the Maneuver bonus it gives and if it affects Stability rating. A typical cinematic system gives +1 HND/module, but subtracts 1/module from the stability rating.

Compartmentalization/internal armor

(TL7)[any] You can specify any armor module to be internal strengthening. Such module does not provide it's armor value as normal instead it has the following effects:

  • It gains +1 HT only for resisting internal explosions and for destruction.
  • Apply 1/3 of the dDR each time before passing any damage on to a second system after destroying one.
  • If the damage would carry on to a core system, apply the Full dDR the module would have instead of the 1/3 for carrying though damage to it.
  • Anyone in a destroyed system has 2 of 6 probability to be in a compartment that was not depressurized.

Drop capsule launcher/life pod ejector

(TL 9)[Hull] They are built as vehicle bays, but each 1 ton of bay capacity is instead 1 slot for a 1 ton drop capsule or life boat. They are not limited by the launch rate of normal bays and can launch all pods in a single 20 second combat turn. However reloading such with a new pod takes 30 minutes of work for each pod.

Weather Control device

(TL10)[Hull] UT79 SM +10 high energy module for 30*30 mile weather control. At tl 11, it is a SM +9 module and at TL 12 a SM +8 module. Each +1 SM is one step more on the side for area (+1=50*50, +2=100*100, +3=150*150 and so on)

Extra computer

(TL7)[any] A computer module is as follows:

SM +3 +4 +5+6 +7 +8 +9 +10+11+12 +13 +14 +15
Complexity 9 9 1010 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 15
Price 100k200k2m1m20m10m200m100m 2B 1B 20B 10B 200B
Workstations 0 0 0 1 3 10 30 100300100030001000030000

Complexity is for TL 10. Modify it by -6 at TL7, -4 at TL8, -2 at TL9, +1 at TL11, +2 at TL12

The more expensive ones for same complexity is the Compact version so it fits the smaller volume. You can use the modifiers on UT 23 to further change.

Seating is the maximum number of work terminals you can fit in. Each such costs $50k and provides lifesupport the the bridge stations.

Extra computer storage


High bandwidth communicator

(TL7)[hull] Buy as enchanted sensor module, but use the communication range of the corresponding size control room. Select communicator type. The data transfer speed when communicating with a second high bandwidth communicator is 40 000 times higher than the base system.

Broadcast power receiver

(TL9)[hull] §

Broadcast power transmitter

(TL9)[hull] §

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