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 ===== Drop capsule launcher/life pod ejector ===== ===== Drop capsule launcher/life pod ejector =====
-(TL 9)[Hull]\\ +(TL 9)[Hull] They are built as vehicle bays, but each 1 ton of bay capacity is instead 1 slot for a 1 ton drop capsule or life boat. They are not limited by the launch rate of normal bays and can launch all pods in a single 20 second combat turn. However reloading such with a new pod takes 30 minutes of work for each pod.
-===== Underwater engines ===== 
-(TL 7)[Hull] 
 ===== Weather Control device ===== ===== Weather Control device =====
-(TL10)[Hull] UT79 §+(TL10)[Hull] [[UT]]79 SM +10 high energy module for 30*30 mile weather control. At tl 11, it is a SM +9 module and at TL 12 a SM +8 module. Each +1 SM is one step more on the side for area (+1=50*50, +2=100*100, +3=150*150 and so on)
 ===== Extra computer ===== ===== Extra computer =====
 +(TL7)[any] A computer module is as follows:
 +^CPX TL 10^9|9|10|10|11|11|
 +The more expensive ones for same complexity is the Compact version so it fits the smaller volume.
 +===== Extra computer storage=====
 (TL7)[any] (TL7)[any]
 +===== High bandwidth communicator ===== 
 +(TL7)[hull] Buy as enchanted sensor module, but use the communication range of the corresponding size control room. Select communicator type. The data transfer speed when communicating with a second high bandwidth communicator is 40 000 times higher than the base system. 
 ===== Broadcast power receiver ===== ===== Broadcast power receiver =====
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