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Spaceship power

The following values/power point for different sizes are calculated from the weapon damages with the base weapons being 25% efficient and one shot/20 seconds and the improved versions as 50% efficient to get the extra rof with same energy.

SMship Tonspower plant tonsMW/power point
1 0.30.015 0.02
2 10.05 0.06

Power Cell energy


TL 11: REF 10, that is 10s time the energy of corresponding TNT
TNT is 4184kJ/kg.
Thus the energy is 4184kJ/kg*10=41840kJ/kg (42mj)
That is 41840kJ/3600 seconds=11.6 kwh.
Each TL seems to be a 4x step according to the REF numbers and the blaster/laser design in pyramid 37 so:
a TL 10 one is 2.9kwh/kg and TL 9 is 0.73 kwh/kg
A C-cell at 227 grams is thus about 165 watt hours.

Rechargeable are assumed to be half that.

So rechargeable kwh:

9 0.3625


  • Tesla power packs:
    • 2019: .259kwh/kg
    • 2022: .276kwh/kg
    • 2024(plan): .333kwh/kg
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